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    Hidden Lake High School

    Hidden Lake High School HLHS offers a personalized delivery program designed to meet the needs of students considered at-risk for graduation.   As a state identified Alternative Education Campus AEC, Hidden Lake customizes learning to address the needs of this specific population of students.  Students are required to complete The Discovery Program in order to learn our culture and our expectations.  We support students to Be Bigger Than Their Story and growing to become successful in post-secondary endeavors.   Once into regular classes, students are given a tailored schedule to maximize their time in school to meet graduation requirements.  Full staff support around The Discovery Program protocols makes this happen in an engaging and authentic way.  We expect students to Finish What They Start! and experience the day after graduation with success.


    The Discovery Program Course

    The Discovery curriculum is designed to provide communication skills for students in a concrete, skills based curriculum.  The curriculum focuses upon appropriate social skills necessary for success in school and life.  Students find that when they have the skills for effective grouping, conflict resolution, problem solving, communication skills, and assertiveness training their academic achievement increases.  The Discovery curriculum can help students who find themselves with low academic achievement, poor attendance, low motivation, and violence become re-engaged in school and life.