• Your Opportunity
    Enrollment at Hidden Lake is a choice. It comes with a new opportunity to make a change, achieve success, and start high school over. For some, Hidden Lake may be their only option. We ask that you commit to change. You will need to refocus yourself on attending, working in all classes, and changing old habits.  
    Hidden Lake has limited space and all students go through an enrollment process. Failure to take advantage of the opportunity to be at Hidden Lake in a positive manner may result in a placement review and dismissal from Hidden Lake. Completing your education is our goal. If dismissal from Hidden Lake occurs, you will receive a referral to other educational programs that may better fit your needs.
    Enrollment Nights are held in the school cafeteria or the school media center (look for directional arrows) and begin promptly at 5:00 p.m. (see school calendar for dates). Both the student and a parent or guardian must attend the meeting.  If the student's most recent school of attendance was not Westminster Public Schools, please bring a current transcript with you. Students whose last school of record is a Westminster Public School  do not need to bring a transcript.
    Please see "School News" or Calendar for Enrollment Night dates.