The ISC is a day treatment program within Westminster Public Schools that provides highly intensive special education services to students with emotional disabilities who need a structured, therapeutic educational setting.


    The ISC will provide comprehensive, culturally sensitive academic and therapeutic services in a safe, structured, and nurturing environment to students ages 5-17 who have significant emotional and behavioral disabilities.

    Program Values:  The ISC day treatment program operates through a Strength-Based treatment model which incorporates the following values:

    • All children are treated as individuals with dignity and worth

    • We respect each child’s ability and potential for positive growth

    • The display of problematic behaviors/issues presents an opportunity for children to learn new skills

    • We create a safe, supportive, predictable environment which fosters a child’s sense of health and well-being

    • We hold students accountable while teaching them effective decision-making skills

    • All interventions are guided by what is in the best interest of the child

    • We teach students skills based upon individualized assessments of their academic and therapeutic needs

    • We actively involve students in the problem-solving process

    Goal Statement:

    The ISC program’s goal is to support all students in achieving their academic and behavior goals to successfully transition back to a lesser restrictive educational environment within 6-8 months of placement at the ISC.