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    Harris Park Vision: Happy lifelong learners. Positive and passionate in every way.


    UnicornHello Harris Park Families!

    At Harris Park, we are committed to ensuring an outstanding education, and fostering a positive attitude for lifelong learning within each student. Our shared vision is to develop happy lifelong learners who are positive and passionate in every way.

    As a Computer Science focus school, we empower the imagination of children through leadership in computer science, engineering, and coding. Student's will dive into interactive project-based learning as they utilize solution based thinking and develop problem solving skills. We are very excited about our brand new maker space and cannot wait to engage students in collaboratively fostering creativity and entrepreneurship. A gigantic Lego Wall, 3D printer, robots, and circuits, are just a few of the items available for students to explore in this space.

    Harris Park is in our 6th year as a Leader in Me school, with a focus on youth leadership by teaching Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Students maintain leadership binders where they keep their academic, leadership, and personal goals. Teachers partner with students to monitor and reflect on progress towards accomplishing goals. We are passionate about students believing in their genius as they positively contribute to their community.

    We value partnership with our Harris Park Families. You are your child’s first, and most important teacher. Your support and partnership are critical in maximizing your child’s success in school. Students are not asked to complete traditional homework at Harris Park; instead, we personalize goal work for at home practice. Engaging in nightly goal work will help each student meet their learning goals so they can mark off learning targets, and ultimately level up. We appreciate the many ways you support your child in completion of goal work. Nightly reading and practicing level appropriate math facts is always encouraged and celebrated! Teachers will send home weekly communication in partnership with you.

    Families receive a weekly Sunday phone call at 6:00pm, accompanied by an email containing weekly news from Harris Park. You can also find current information, links, and resources on the Harris Park website and Facebook.

    Thank you for the many ways you support your children in education!

    With love,

    Nancy C Richey
    Harris Park Elementary
    W: 303-428-1721