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    Ms. Richey

    Hello Harris Park Families,

    Spring officially begins on March 20th and is quickly approaching. There is no better time to work on leveling up! Thank you for encouraging your child in their nightly goal work. Every student should be completing daily goal work: reading and practicing their math facts. We teach children to love reading by sharing the joy of reading together. I encourage you all to spend ten to fifteen minutes reading with your children prior to bedtime. Taking turns reading, asking questions about what has been read, asking your child what they think will happen next, and using different voices for different characters are all wonderful ways to show your child how fun reading is!

    Our Kids Heart Challenge started this week in PE! Children learn about foundational ways to keep their hearts healthy while raising money for the American Heart Association. Every $5 raised earns students a retro heart hero character! What heart healthy challenge can you take this week? Choosing to drink water over sugary beverages? Making a commitment to move more during the day? Thank you for supporting our Kids Heart Challenge.

    As a reminder, registration for the 2021-2022 school year is open. We have limited space left in our preschool program. Families may register their 3 year olds for half day preschool, and 4 year olds for either half day or full day preschool.


    Nancy C Richey
    Harris Park Elementary
    W: 303-428-1721