Message from Principal Kiewiet

  • Dear Westy Families,

    We are so excited to welcome you to the 2023-2024 School Year!  In just a few short days, we will have our halls full of future artists, doctors, lawyers and anything else our students strive to be!  I tell every student that walks through our doors, “Come in who you are and leave whoever you want to be!”  We are all so honored to play a small part in driving them toward their futures! 

    I would like to update you on a few things as we begin the year: 

    Safety and Security Upgrades:

    As mentioned in a previous email, we have upgraded our safety and security processes and procedures to include a weapons detection system.    We have been testing this system over the last month and know that this will be an adjustment for all of us.  However, we are working to make this transition as smooth as possible.   In testing the system, there are items that have been identified that will trigger the system including umbrellas, vape pens, glass cases and computers.  Because laptop and tablet computers trigger the system, any student that is in possession of one will need to take their computers and Chromebooks out of their bags and pass it temporarily to the adult who is monitoring the system.    Once the student passes, the computer will be handed back to the student on the other side of the detection system. 

    Watch this video and learn more. 

    Bell Schedule:

    Our begin and end times have not changed, but there have been a few minor changes. One change you will see is that your student's lunch period is based on either their 3rd or 4th period, depending on the day.  We will review this with all students in their AE (Academic Enrichment) course on the first day of school.  Students, please check your schedules in Infinite Campus as we have been doing our best to accommodate all requests for schedule changes. See the full schedule.

    Student Support:

    This year we have a new Assistant Principal, Mr. Jeff Walters.  Please see the table below for the assigned Administrator and Counselor for your student. 

    Student Last Name                                              Counselor                                        Administrator

    A-Ce                                                                      Amanda McClellan                                   Peter Rainey

    Ch-Gol                                                                  Heather Elliot                                            Jesse Hernandez

    Gom-Lor                                                              Todd Sheeley                                             Beth Aynn Gubernick

    Lou-Oro                                                               Katie Hebert                                               Jeff Walters

    Ort-Sak                                                                 Megan Shubin                                           Grant Norell

    Sal-Z                                                                      Erin Brnak                                     Kiffany Kiewiet

    Electronic Use Policy: 

    Students may not have their cell phones out or headphones in for any reason during class.  This is to protect the instructional time during class and ensure that students are focused and on task. 

    1st  offense: Held by teacher until end of period. 

    2nd  offense: Cell phone is taken by teacher and held in the security office until the end of the day. Student retrieves phone. Phone call home made by security. 

    3rd  offense: Cell phone is taken by teacher and must be picked up by a guardian in the security office.

    Dress Code and Appearance Guidelines: 

    Students are expected to dress in a way that contributes to a healthy social environment and professional academic atmosphere. Any student wearing clothing deemed inappropriate will be required to change clothing in order to remain at school. The following are the general guidelines based on school board policy.

    • Sunglasses, hats or head coverings, including hoods may not be worn inside the building. (Medical and/or religious reasons are exempt.)
    • Clothing that displays or promotes alcohol, drugs, sexual innuendo, gang affiliation or violence is unacceptable. 
    • Shorts, dresses, skirts, etc. must be at least mid-thigh length and must not rest lower than the top of the hips (no sagging).
    • Tops that do not provide full coverage of the midriff, sides and/or back may not be worn, this includes, but not limited to, muscle shirts, halter tops and backless shirts. 


    Student IDs:

    Student’s must wear their Student IDs so that they are visible at all times when on campus during academic hours. No exceptions.  This is mandatory as it is an essential safety measure for our entire community.  No student will be allowed in the building without it. There will be a $10 replacement fee for lost or forgotten IDs. 


    Any student that is participating in any activity outside of the classroom will be required to have a cumulative attendance rate of 90% to participate.  This includes athletics, clubs and academic extra-curricular activities such as field trips, homecoming, competitions, dances, prom, and graduation activities including the graduation ceremony. 

    Student Driving and Parking:

    Students with a valid driver’s license, proof of auto insurance and registration are allowed to park on site during school hours. Students must register their vehicle with the campus monitors. The parking permit must be displayed appropriately in the vehicle at all times while on school property.

    We are incredibly excited to see your students on Tuesday, August 15th to kick off a great start to the year!


    Ms. Kiewiet