Message from Principal Kiewiet

  • Dear Westy Families,

    As we have been communicating over the past few years, the State of Colorado has issued updated Graduation guidelines.  These guidelines include multiple ways that a student can meet the minimum requirement to graduate.  In addition, all high school graduates must complete the required 22 credits of high school level work required by Westminster Public Schools. Students begin creating a Future Plan in level 8 to meet these credit requirements and counselors work with each student every year to make sure that the required courses and credits are scheduled to be taken in time for graduation and align with each student’s Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP). 

    Students must also demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency in language arts and math that meets the state board of education established level or score before being allowed to graduate.  Students can demonstrate this level of academic skill at any time while in high school, but they must demonstrate this skill in both of these areas before the completion of their senior year.  There are different ways students can demonstrate that they are at the proper academic level for graduation.  These include:

    • Earn an SAT score of 470 or above in English Language Arts and a 500 or above in Math. 
    • Students can also successfully pass a college level course (Concurrent Enrollment) in their Junior year to meet the requirement. 
    • They can also hit this Graduation benchmark by passing the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test. We will be scheduling the ASVAB for Seniors to take place early in the Fall Semester of 2023 for those students that are interested. 
    • Students can also earn an industry certification through Career and Technical Education classes in any year of their time here at Westy.  This must be completed prior to the beginning of their Senior year.   
    • This year, in order to create a safety net for all students we created the opportunity for all students to complete a Capstone project.  The Capstone will continue to be an option next year for those that are not able to meet the benchmarks above.

    As we prepare for next year, as a member of the Class of 2023 and beyond, if a student meets the SAT benchmarks, passes a Concurrent Enrollment course their Junior year, passes the ASVAB or earns a CTE Industry Credential that student will not need to complete the Capstone project. 

    It is also important for students that are in the 9th and 10th grade this year to pay special attention to their PSAT scores as this is an indicator to forecast their SAT score and lead them to meeting their Graduation requirement.  Over the next 8 weeks your student will be exposed to multiple strategies to help them prepare for the PSAT and SAT tests that will occur in April.  Please have a conversation with them to encourage their participation inside and outside of the school day to support their academic development. 


    Kiffany Kiewiet

    Principal, Westminster High School