• Announcements:  ALL NC Students from Fall Semester-you must have missing work to me by 1/31 for a grade change.  
    NEW STUDENTS: I am very excited to start a brand new semester with you!  We are going to have a crazy fun art journey together.  Please be ready to learn some interesting artsy stuff and be ready to work!  You will get to take the projects you make home, so make it worth it!
    GRADING POLICY: Students will be graded based on current district CBS practices.  All learning targets for art can be found on the adams50 wiki.  ((http://wiki.adams50.org/mediawiki/index.php/SBS:VisualArts_V2))   I stress that CBS policy means that the class runs at teacher's pace or faster.  However, students will have until the end of the next project(if they do not finish) to complete the missing project on their own time(open studio after school or at home).  If students need extra help, that can always be arranged.
    New Semester Project Timelines:
    New Students(First Semester)
    1. Landscape Collage and Painting
    2. Plastic Ocean Ebony
    3. Printmaking
    4. Graffiti/Word Art
    Returning(Second Semester)ADVANCED
    1. Reverse Drawing
    2.Pointilism Project
    3.Monochromatic Self Portrait
    Returning(Third Semester)ADVANCED
    1. The Repeated Object Drawing
    2.Where's Waldo
    Returning(Fourth Semester and Onward)
    This semester will be an independent study semester.  Students will consult with Ms.Music on projects of their choice. Must complete 2-3 projects depending on scale and difficulty.