Mission & Vision

  • The Westminster Public Schools (WPS) vision describes what the community wants the school district to look like in the future.

    Mission: Westminster Public Schools will create opportunities to develop competent, agile learners who will contribute to their community and achieve personal success.

    Vision: Preparing future leaders, learners and thinkers for a global community.

    Our Core Principles 

      1. We Agree to prepare students for the day after graduation and promote entrepreneurial thinking, college and workforce readiness.

      2. We Agree to respect our community through culturally responsive instructional and communicative practices.

      3. We Agree to create and maintain a positive district culture through clear communication and a demonstration of competency, self-accountability, mutual respect, and collective efficacy.

      4. We Agree to customize and demonstrate a balance of best instructional practices as outlined in the Westminster Public Schools Learner-centered, Competency Based Instructional Model.

      5. We Agree to promote positive and trusting relationships with all stakeholders, through honesty and transparency, where people come first.

      6. We Agree to expect our students and adults to be challenged through deep and critical thinking and problem-based learning opportunities at or above current levels of competency.

      7. We Agree to develop personalized learning pathways for students through collaboration, student ownership, goal setting, and tracking performance.

      8. We Agree that we will better our craft through personal and professional development, collaboration and continuous improvement with specific professional goal setting aligned to the evaluation tool, using data, and the instructional model.

      9. We Agree to embrace technology as a tool to enhance highly engaged teaching and learning.

      10. We Agree that adults will provide aligned and targeted learning opportunities for students to read, write, speak, actively listen and think critically every day.