• District 50 Shows Steady Growth
    ACSD 50

    The latest round of TCAP results show continuing academic improvement in District 50, which was the only metro district to show increases in student proficiency in math, reading and writing for three consecutive years.

    During the same three year period, the number of students testing at the unsatisfactory level dropped in all three subject matters.

    The Colorado Department of Education won’t formally release individual school and District ratings until December, but early data indicates that Westminster High School, Shaw Heights Middle School, Hodgkins Elementary and Metz Elementary will move from “Priority Improvement” to “Improvement” categories.

    In addition, Tennyson Knolls Elementary will apparently move from “Improvement” to “Performance.”

    “The numbers and trend lines are encouraging and a reflection of our focus on rigor and accountability, but we still have a lot of work in front of us,” said Superintendent Dr. Pamela Swanson.

    In results released Wednesday, August 14, the District showed improvement on 19 of the 27 testing categories for students across all grade levels. In addition, the scores, which also measure student growth over time, showed that for the first time “at risk” students showed a higher growth rate than the student population as a whole.

    “That is significant,” Chief Education Officer, Dr. Oliver Grenham. “It shows that we are making real progress with our most challenging students and our commitment to competency for all students is paying dividends.”

    District 50’s Competency Based System does away with social promotion, by moving students within learning levels only when they can show mastery of a topic. Children progress at an individualized pace that is determined by what they know instead of their age.

    The steady progress was evident last year when District 50 moved from a “Turnaround District” to a “Priority Improvement District”. Superintendent Swanson told staff that the next short-term goal is for District 50 to move into the “Improvement” category, but added the long-term goal is to reach “Performance” status for the District and all of its schools as quickly as possible.

    To see individual school results and comparisons you can click here.

    August 22, 2013