• Summer Renovations Bring Better Buildings

    While District 50 students and teachers were able to take a well-deserved summer break, the work continued for Maintenance and Operations personnel who put in long hours getting schools in shape for the new year. Along with the annual cleaning and rearranging, new improvements were made to many of District 50 schools.

    Ranum Lighting old    RLN
               Ranum theatre lighting (old)                         Ranum theatre lighting (new)
    Ranum Middle School has an updated theatre lighting system that will provide for more flexibility in the auditorium. It was a long overdue improvement that the Board of Education approved funding for last year.
    Boiler old      Boiler new
                Ranum boiler system (old)                         Ranum boiler system (new)
    Along with the lights, a modernized boiler system was also added over the summer. The new boiler system utilizes six smaller, more efficient boilers to replace the two preexisting boilers. Both new systems will be more efficient in terms of cost and usage.
    TK old      TK new
             Tennyson Knolls system (old)                           Tennyson Knolls system (new)
    Crews also installed a new heating and cooling system at Tennyson Knolls Elementary school, making it the fourth school in the District to now have a cooling system that allows for a better learning environment on days when the temperatures rise to uncomfortable levels. Westminster High School and Hodgkins Elementary were built with cooling systems and Westminster Elementary was retrofitted several years ago when it was used as a year-round school.

    In addition, District 50 is already making plans for next summer. Improvements will be made on up to five more schools.

    “We are thrilled by these new additions,” said Chief Operating Officer, Dr. James Duffy. “When we went in to fix our old boiler heating system we came up with a new plan that essentially allowed us to add a cooling system for the same cost.”

    The District was also able to finish its upgrades on surveillance cameras at District schools, improving safety and providing a more secure environment for staff and students.
    STEM old      STEM new
             Colorado STEM Academy (old)                       Colorado STEM Academy (new)
    The final project was, of course, the creation of Colorado STEM Academy at the old Crown Pointe Academy located on72nd and Irving. The school opened its doors on Monday and in a future issue, the Insider will take you on a tour of CSA.
    August 22, 2013