• Welcome Back Rally Focuses on the Future
     ACSD 50

    From the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, to the historic Taj Mahal in India to the warm waters of the Caribbean, District 50 employees travelled the globe this summer. Others also took time to get married, have babies or head back to the classroom.

    About 60 employees shared their pictures with their colleagues earlier this month as part of the “What I Did this Summer” slide show that was shown at the Welcome Back Rally at Ranum Middle School. The event brings all of the District’s employees together to reconnect after the summer break and focus on the coming year.

    The message from Dr. Swanson was that while significant progress has been made in recent years (see story on TCAP results) it is important that everyone continue to remain focused and work hard. In her words, “complacency is the enemy.”

    The staff also heard from Dr. Marilyn Flachman who is leaving the Board of Education in November because of term limits. She urged employees to become fully informed on the upcoming mill levy election and reflected on her years in the District as both a board member and educator.

    Rosie Jaramillo, President of the Westminster Education Association also spoke to the group about the need for a spirit of collaboration from everyone in the District.

    The District also honored employees who had reached milestones while working in the District.

    Click here to see, “What I Did this Summer” PowerPoint.

    Click below to see “Years of Service” video:

    August 22, 2013