• Hyland Hills Endorses Mill Levy Override

     Hyland Hills

    This week, the Board of Directors for the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District threw its support behind District 50’s mill levy override election to raise money for operating revenues.

    In a unanimous vote, the Board concluded the mill levy override was needed to, “improve the educational opportunities of all District 50 children and to enhance the quality of life for all District 50 residents and users of District 50 facilities.”

    If passed by voters on November 5, the ballot issue will raise $5.25 million dollars, allowing the District to maintain current operations in future years. Because of cutbacks in state funding, the District 50 Board of Education has been forced to dip into reserve funds to balance the budget.

    The mill levy override was recommended earlier this year by the District’s Fiscal Oversight Committee and then placed on the ballot this summer by the Board of Education.

    November’s vote is the first mill levy override to be put before voters since 2002.

    For more than 50 years, The Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District and District 50 have worked closely together to share resources, facilities and programs. The partnership has avoided duplication of service and ensured opportunities for area children.

    For instance, when District 50 had to drop middle school sports programs several years ago because of budget cuts, Hyland Hills stepped in to provide athletic opportunities for hundreds of kids.

    Later this month, the Westminster City Council is expected to formally announce its support for the measure as well.

    Posted September 5, 2013