• Alumni Golf Tournament Sparking Good Natured Rivalry


    This month’s first-ever Westminster/Ranum High School Alumni Golf Tournament started when two friendly high school rivals looked for a way to unite their community.

    Van Wilson, a graduate from the Westminster High School class of ‘82, reached out to Ranum graduate Bobby Landgraf last summer to see if he could pull some friends together for a day on the golf course.

    From there, the idea took off.

    “Van and I were pretty good rivals, and for him to reach out like that all these years later was pretty special,” said Landgraf. “The idea to create a tournament was a ‘no brainer,’ because we are all from the same area and united in our District 50 upbringing.”

    Not only will the tournament bring the community together during the homecoming season , it will also raise money for the Hyland Hills Foundation and the District 50 Education Foundation; two groups that help young people in the community. Proceeds from the tournament will be split between the two groups.

    The tournament is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, September 27 with the Westminster High School Homecoming Parade planned for the next morning.

    Registration is underway right now and players need to sign up quickly to secure a spot. For those who don’t play golf, there is a patio party right after the tournament at The Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills that is also available for purchase on the registration website.

    As you might imagine, talk of Warriors and Raiders getting together has rekindled an old rivalry.

    “There is some chirping on both sides going on right now, but it’s all in good fun,” said Landgraf.

    “We’ll have a lot of fun and hopefully some great cheer afterwards with some good friends and former foes. And just in case it gets out of hand I am hearing that Mr. Rhoda (former Ranum Principal) will be there , so trust me, all will be calm around him.”

    Posted September 5, 2013