• A.C. Brings Cool Air to T.K.


    Before flood waters tragically swamped many parts of Colorado, many students were sweating it out in the record heat; but not at Tennyson Knolls Elementary where grateful students have been sending out personalized thank you cards.

    Over the summer, the old boiler system at Tennyson Knolls was replaced by a new heating and cooling system that meant August and early September were cool and comfortable places to learn.

    “Everyone did a wonderful job, on a very short time line of getting everything destructed, constructed and installed,” said Principal Tom Elliott at last week’s Board of Education meeting. He presented board members with hand-made thank you cards from students who wanted it known how much they appreciated the A.C.

    The cards also showed off the students’ art and writing skills. Anthony wrote, “It’s more fun and fresh. Air conditioning feels like a sweet strawberry smoothie in the middle of the desert.”

    Hannah wrote, “Now that we have air conditioning it is easy to learn and I love learning.” She added, “Furthermore, we don’t have to use fans that blow my papers away.”

    Elliott added that students are able to focus on learning the entire school day and don’t, ‘wilt in the afternoon.”

    Help is on the way for other elementary schools as well.

    Next summer, installation of new heating and cooling systems is expected to be completed on as many as five buildings. Tentative plans call for work to be conducted at Sunset Ridge, Mesa, Metz, Fairview and Sherrelwood Elementary Schools.

    The renovations are being paid for with revenues still remaining from the 2006 bond election approved by voters, and will no doubt generate more “thank you” cards from grateful, cooler students.

    See some of the cards below.

    Posted September 19, 2013