• Sherrelwood in Academic Spotlight


    Educators across Colorado are seeing for themselves the hard work and innovation that goes into teaching children at Sherrelwood Elementary School.

    The Colorado Legacy Foundation’s “Seeing is Believing” tour stopped at Sherrelwood last week and a film crew spent the day at the building on Monday.

    The goal is to provide a better understanding of District 50’s Competency Based System.

    Visitors were impressed.

    “You are growing and nurturing an incredible group of young scholars and your teachers are making such an incredible difference in the lives of their students,” said Janet Lopez of the Rose Community Foundation. “The participants were so inspired by each school that they visited over the course of the day, and so energized by the dedication of your incredible staff.”

    Sherrelwood Sherrelwood was one of four schools in the metro areas to open its doors to the “Seeing is Believing Tour” and video shoot.

    The Colorado Legacy Foundation partnered with the Colorado Department of Education and Rose Community Foundation to create the tour so it could highlight schools and districts that are focused on personalized learning and expanded learning opportunities.

    The tours brought in teachers and administrators from around the state.

    Chief Education Officer Oliver Grenham selected Sherrelwood and Principal Cindy Davis because of Sherrelwood’s rising academic scores and because Davis has been at Sherrelwood since the Competency Based System was first introduced.

    “Cindy, her staff and her students did an amazing job of telling the story of our journey,” said Grenham. “We want educators who are considering a move to a competency based system to know that it is a lot of hard work, and you need buy-in from everyone in the system.”

    The video, which will be available in November, will analyze the innovations at Sherrelwood as seen through the eyes of students, teachers and administrators.

    “It was nice to be recognized and asked to participate,” said Grenham. ”At the same time, I try to make it clear to educators inside and outside the District that we still have a lot of work to do. We need to keep pushing forward. ”

    Posted October 3, 2013