• October is Family and School Partnership in Education Month


    It’s widely known that parent and family involvement in a child’s education is critical, but this month the state of Colorado is putting the issue in the spotlight.

    Governor John Hickenlooper has declared October as Family and School Partnership in Education Month. The goal is to share information about how families can work with schools to improve education outcomes for students.

    “It takes a partnership to educate our children,” said Michael Seefried, Principal at Fairview Elementary. Fairview has a very active Parent Teacher Organization that encourages parents to spend as much time at the school as possible. “Everyone owns this school,” he said. “When students see their parents in the building it reinforces the message that education is important.”

    While every principal in District 50 actively works to strengthen ties with parents, the District also works with the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition (CSPC) to implement specific programs. Over the past three years CSPC has worked with 14 schools in District 50 to get families and parents more involved with their child’s studies.

    CSPC, which is grant funded, works at schools to develop parent leadership teams and also assist with innovative parent-teacher conferences using Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APPT). The conferences bring parents together so they can learn from each other and make the best use of a teacher’s time. Individual student data is kept private, but the program allows parents to see how their children compare to their peers.

    According to the State Advisory Council for Parent Involvement in Education (SACPIE) more than 40 years of research has proven that specific programs involving school-parent partnerships have improved student achievement and homework completion, school attendance and graduation rates for students of differing cultures, languages and abilities.

    You can learn more about Family and School Partnership in Education Month here.

    Posted October 3, 2013