• ‘A Day Made Better’ at Hodgkins Elementary

    A Day Made Better

    Hodgkins Elementary School teacher Rebecca Navarette’s day couldn’t have been better. The same goes for her students.

    A Day Made Better OfficeMax made a visit to Hodgkins Elementary on Tuesday as a part of their 7th annual A Day Made Better. The nation-wide program surprises nominated teachers with a box filled with more than $1,000 worth of school supplies.

    Navarrette was speechless as she pulled more and more items out of the box, including a digital camera, and a Kindle Fire HD. Her students gathered around in excitement, as they looked at all the new supplies they will be able to use in the classroom.

    “The supplies are going to make such a big difference with the students, especially with technology,” Navarrette said flustered and smiling. On a day that didn’t start out well --Navarrette’s shoe broke -- it was a perfect time for her to be honored in A Day Made Better.

    Not that she spends much time sitting on the job, but she also received a comfortable chair to put behind her desk.

    Navarrette was one of 1,000 teachers to be honored across the country. Hodgkins’ Principal Sarah Gould nominated her saying, “Rebecca puts her whole heart into her work as a teacher. Donating supplies to support her work in the classroom is one of the biggest ‘Thank You’s’ a teacher like Rebecca can get.”

    OfficeMax Store Manager Erika Macias said the day she and her team give away the supplies is the best day of the year. “The look on a teacher’s face when they pull the school supplies out is all we need to see,” she said.

    Watch the video to see Rebecca’s reaction.

    Posted October 3, 2013