• Scott Carpenter Middle School Honors the Memory of a Real-Life Hero


    Following last week’s death of Astronaut Scott Carpenter, students at his namesake school in Adams County School District 50 created a giant poster and signed a card of condolence for his family.

    Scott Carpenter MS With the help of students, Art Teacher Kent Taylor created the poster that students signed through the course of the day. Students in the school leadership group also created a poster that was hung in the school entry-way.

    KDVR FOX 31 News stopped by to talk with students, while KCNC-TV Channel 4 and KUSA Channel 9 also mentioned the student’s efforts to honor Carpenter.

    The school opened as Lipan Street Elementary School in 1962, the year that Carpenter orbited the earth as a Mercury 7 Astronaut.  A local community member suggested naming the building after the Boulder native and sent him a letter asking his permission.

    He responded with the following:


    You have honored me by considering my name for your new elementary school and you have my approval with pleasure.

    I feel the name, Scott Carpenter, doesn’t lend itself well to this end and the children may have some trouble saying they go to Scott Carpenter School but, perhaps that is only because it sounds a little odd to me.

    For 50 years, the building has proudly carried the name of Carpenter  and as word of his death spread, students from prior years have contacted the school to say how honored they were to have attended  a school named after a true American hero.

    Teacher Frances Davison received a voice mail from a Texas man who attended SCMS 40 years ago. “He wanted to express his sympathy and say how proud he was to have attended a school named for an astronaut,” Davison said. “How incredibly thoughtful!” 

    Davison also met with Carpenter where she was able to tell him how much she appreciated his support of education. “He was always encouraging students to stay in school and focus on math and science,” she said.

    Posted October 17, 2013