•  October 17th - D50 Insider

    D50 Insider

    Welcome back to this week’s edition of the D50 Insider.

    This was an exciting week for the District 50 Education Foundation and teachers across the District who got a special visit from the prize patrol and a generous check to help them help our students. The Insider has details.

    Scott Carpenter, an American hero and the namesake of one of our middle schools, was remembered by students following his death this month. We have the story.

    The flu season is getting underway. Have you had your shot? We’ll tell you where they are available.

    The Colorado Rapids soccer team teamed up with Harris Park Elementary for a unique program called, “Reading the Game.” The result, better soccer players and even more important, better readers.

    Save a night on your early November calendar to catch a performance of ‘Eurydice,’ Westminster High School’s latest CenterStage Theater Production.

    Have a Heart” is again reaching out to the community to offer help for the needy this holiday season. We have details on how you can receive assistance or support the group’s efforts.

    Next week is “Red Ribbon Week” to fight drug and alcohol abuse. You can join the effort.

    We have two music events to share with you in this edition. The WHS Fall Choir Concert played to a full house and was followed later in the week by a performance from the Colorado Wind Ensemble, a professional group of musicians who spent time teaching skills to students.

    As you know, the heavy rains in September delayed the annual “Run With the Wolves.” It was rescheduled to last weekend and turned into a great event.

    As always, check out the program listing for D50 TV this week, as well as the District's calendar of events.

    Thanks for reading.

    Steve Saunders
    Posted October 17, 2013