• ‘PMI’ is Changing the Way Math is Taught


    All across District 50, math students are not only raising their hands to interact with teachers, they are clicking their hand-held remotes to make the most of classroom technology.

    For the first time ever, District 50 is utilizing a K-12 math curriculum that allows students to progress seamlessly in their learning from a young age through high school graduation. It’s called PMI, Progressive Math Initiative.

    PMI is aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards and embraces the District’s Competency-Based System that ensures students master a content area before moving along to the next level. PMI allows some students to move more quickly while others get the individualized attention they need.

    The Board of Education approved the funding for PMI last year and this summer the District began an intensive teacher training program so they could hit the ground running at the start of the school year.

    Click below to see PMI at work in the classroom.

    Posted October 31, 2013