• Boys’ Soccer Team Make Playoffs

    This month, the Westminster High School’s boys’ soccer team made the CHSAA playoffs for the first time in 20 years.

    Starting this season with 5 straight losses, Head coach Sercan Fenerci and his team turned the season into a true success story by breaking the school’s record in total wins.

    Fenerci was hired to coach just a week before the season began. “I got the call literally a week before and interviewed,” Fenerci said. “They hired me in the afternoon and we started the very next day. There was no time for tryouts, no time for any real preparation for the season.”

    Prior to coaching at Westy, Fenerci was the head boys’ basketball coach at Thornton High School and named “Coach of the Year” last season by EMAC.

    Beating Thornton in overtime for their first win of the season, the team went to end the season as the number 32 seed in the playoffs and faced a “powerhouse” and the number 1 seed team, Smoky Hill High School.

    After a successful first half, keeping the game tied at 1-1 with a goal from sophomore Ramon Sandoval, the Westy Boys’ soccer team ended up losing 7 to 1 in the second.

    “Every kid contributed to the team evenly” said Fenerci. “It’s a great group and most of the players will be coming back next year to build on what we did this year.”

    Posted October 31, 2013