• Flynn Elementary Celebrates Veterans Day

    Proud students and grateful community leaders gathered at Flynn Elementary School Monday morning to say a big “thank you” to America’s veterans who have sacrificed so much on behalf of our country.

    The 13th Annual Flynn Veterans Day Reception was a remarkable gathering mixing stories of heroism and a performance of “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.”

    Flynn Librarian Cynthia Qualls began the celebration in 2001 right after the attack of 9/11. “We need to be thankful for our military every day,” she said. “I want to make sure our students don’t forget that.”

    Flynn students whose family members are veterans invited them to join the celebration which included student performances of the “Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America.”

    Outgoing Westminster Mayor Nancy McNally also brought along a World War II veteran she met through the “Make A Wish” program. Albert Schaub, who turns 90 next month, told students what it was like to serve as a submariner and spend days at a time under water.

    Superintendent Pamela Swanson provided a unique perspective as well.

    Holding up a portrait of astronaut Scott Carpenter, she praised Scott Carpenter Middle school for planting two trees last week to celebrate his memory. Carpenter, the second American to orbit the earth died last month at the age of 88. “He graciously allowed us to name the school after him and he also spoke with our students and staff about the importance of education and science,” she said. “He gave back to his community.”

    Swanson also talked about the legacy of her father, Cecil Foxworth. Foxworth was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Medal for his bravery in the rough seas of the English Channel on Christmas Eve 1944. He was on the transport ship SS Leopoldville, headed to the Battle of the Bulge when his ship was hit by a torpedo. “Like Scott Carpenter,” Swanson said, “my dad was a hero and part of what we call the greatest generation.”

    She told the students that while it is important to remember the contributions of our veterans, it’s just as important to follow their examples and give back to your community. She used the analogy of a fireplace and the need to replace the wood you use for the next person.

    “Always make sure the stack of fire wood is a little higher when you leave, then when you got there,” she said.

    Posted November 14, 2013