• A Special ‘Nuggets Night’ for Skyline Vista

    Skyline Nuggets

    Jorge Rojas needs a wheelchair to get around, but that was no obstacle for him and his Skyline Vista classmates as they were courtside to cheer on the Denver Nuggets last week at the Pepsi Center.

    Nuggets Night Jorge suffers from Muscular Dystrophy and although he is a Nuggets fan, he has never been able to attend a game because of his condition. Principal Zack White and his staff decided to change that and include him in their school’s Nuggets Night. “It was amazing to see the district pull together, I feel privileged to work in such a caring community!” said White.

    Because transportation was a challenge, school secretary Michele Swank arranged for a special bus ride for Jorge and his family. With the help from the District 50 transportation department and a special wheelchair loaned from nearby Adams County School District 12, Jorge and his family arrived at the Pepsi Center right on time.

    “He was so thankful for the gift, he was ready for it the entire day,” said Jorge’s mother Emevilia.

    Jorge even had a chance to participate in the fan tunnel, high-fiving players as they entered the court.

    “He was amazing, he wore all of his Nuggets apparel and his smile was from ear to ear,” said Skyline Vista building aide Laurie Sanchez.

    Posted November 14, 2013