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  • After School Activities

    Posted by Dean Temple on 8/24/2018

    Practices start next week on Mondays and Wednesdays 

    PT Team starts on Tuesdays and Thursdays

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  • Course Fees

    Posted by Dean Temple on 8/24/2018

    This is a reminder to pay your course thirty dollar course fee by next Wednesday or Thursday. 

    You can set up a payment plan if needed by talking to the accounting office. 

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  • 30 Step Drill Sequence

    Posted by Dean Temple on 10/5/2017

    30 Step Drill Sequence

    Fall, In

    Open Ranks, March

    Ready, Front

    Close Ranks, March

    Present, Arms

    Order, Arms

    Parade, Rest

    Flight, Attention

    Left, Face

    About, Face

    Forward, March

    Right Flank, March

    Left Flank, March

    Column Right, March

    Forward, March

    To The Rear, March

    To The Rear, March

    Column Right, March

    Forward, March

    Eyes, Right

    Ready, Front

    Column Right, March

    Forward, March

    Change Step, March

    Forward, March

    Column Right, March

    Forward, March

    Flight, Halt

    Left, Face

    Right Step, March

    Flight, Halt


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  • Co Curricular Team Practice Schedule

    Posted by Dean Temple on 9/12/2017 10:00:00 AM

    Monday                   Tuesday                      Wednesday                 Thursday                    Friday

    Staff Meetings          Cyber Patriot               PT/Push-up Team        Cyber Patriot               No Practices

    2:45-3:30                2:30 - 3:30                 2:30-3:30                  2:30-3:30

                                   PT/Push-up Team                                         PT/Push-up Team

                                   2:30-3:30                                                   2:30-3:30

                                   Color Guard /                                              Color Guard /

                                   Drill Team                                                   Drill Team

                                   3:45-5:30                                                   3:45-5:30


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  • Newsletter Is published! See Nighthawk News tab

    Posted by Dean Temple on 12/5/2016
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  • Denver Veterans Day Parade (Mandatory Graded Event for All Cadets)

    Posted by Dean Temple on 11/8/2016 7:15:00 AM

    Cadets are excited to be part of the Denver Veterans Day Parade.  We will march as a Squadron in our Class "A" AFJROTC uniform in front of thousands of cheering onlookers through downtown Denver.  The Parade is Saturday 12 Nov 2016.  Cadets will meet and board a school bus at the WHS flag ple at 0715 Hrs (7:15am) and will end at approximately 1400 hrs (2pm).  ALL Cadets must ride the bus to the event.  

    Parents are encouraged to support the cadets cheering them on as a spectator (see Denver Veterans Day Info below).  If cadets plan on leaving with parents/guardians after the parade you must physically talk to Lt Col Durnford or MSgt Temple to sign out you son or daughter.  We can not allow cadets to leave the area to meet parents somewhere nearby.  Saftey of cadets is paramount!

    Be Advised!  This is a mandatory Community Service Activity for ALL cadets!  All attendees must be in CLass "A" uniform and within personal grooming standards (see cadet guide for specific details on hair cuts,hair styles, shave, jewelry etc.)  Cadets not within standards will not be allowed to march in the parade (cadets will not be allowed to board the bus to the event if they are not within standards) 

    Cadets recieve a grade for participating in the Veterans Day Parade as well as COmmunity Service points.  Each cadet must earn 12 twelve community service hours to be eligible for the Service Ribbon.


    Thank you for helping you son or daughter be prepared for this high profile event!

    Denver Veterans Day Info

    Permission Form


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  • Air Force Academy and Army JCLC Summer Camps Meet at WHS flag pole on Monday 6 June at 0615 hrs (6:15 am) in camp gear. Any questions contact MSgt Temple at (434) 409-9835

    Posted by Dean Temple on 5/31/2016 6:15:00 AM

    All cadets selected to attend Summer Camps must report to the WHS flag pole in their camp uniform on 6 June at 0615 hrs (6:15 am).  Contact MSgt Temple at (434) 409-9835 for further information.

    AFA Attendees                                                     JCLC Army Camp

    Alonna Dickhaut                                                  Neil Bunting

    Haley Sharp                                                       Bryan Herrera

    Valerie Roberts                                                  Daniel Marrujo

    Samanha Schlund-Witt                                        Isaiah Perez

    Donovan Amundson                                           Christian Stunes

    Garrett McLimore                                               Samual Williamson

    Lance Espinosa                                                   Makayla Henkenberns-Martinez

    Ye Cheng Zhou                                                   Deliany Ramos-Apodaca

                                                                                 Faith Barela

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  • Unit Inspection by Head Quarters

    Posted by Dean Temple on 3/7/2016 7:00:00 AM

    Head Quarters AFJROTC is conducting a Unit Evaluation of Westminster High School AFJROTC Unit CO-062 on Tuesday, 15 March 2016.  


    The inspector for this years Evaluation is Region 3 Director Colonel Wolfgang Gesch.  For many of the cadets this will be a typical class day.  Our Cadet Cadre (All cadet officers) will be required to conduct a State fo the Unit briefing as well as showcasing their programs (Logistics, Mission Support, Public Affairs, Finance, and Community Service).  Col Gesch will be with us the entire school day and will be keenly interested in how the cadets look and act in uniform.  

    Please ensure all cadets have their class "A" uniform dry cleaned and ready for wear on the 154th of March (next Tuesday)!  The vast majority of cadets part in this inspection will include their personal appearance, drill capabilities, conduct in the AFJROTC class and throguhout the school.


    Parents and guardians please assist your student cadet in being prepared for this evaluation by helping cadets get their uniforms dry cleaned, ensuring male cadets have the appropriate haircuts, females cadets have their hair up properly and all cadets are on time to school.


    We thank you all for your support of the AFJROTC program and look forward to a great evaluation this year!  


    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact MSgt Dean Temple or Lt Col Durnford at the following numbers.


    (303) 487 2460

    (303) 487 2462

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  • Uniform Wear

    Posted by Dean Temple on 2/1/2016 7:00:00 AM

    Due to the Snow Day on 2 Feb 2016 many students took it upon themselves to not wear the AFJROTC class A Uniform as required during that week.  For the select few cadets who did wear the uniform as required congratulations on demonstrating outstanding forsight and logical thinking!

    For those who did not wear the uniform during the week of 2 Feb they are required to wear the Class "A" uniform on the week of 15 Feb.  The uniform wear day each week is Tuesday.  Wear of the uniform on a day other than the required uniform wear day must be approved by the SASI, Lt Col Durnford prior to the original uniform wear day!


    Cadets who miss more than "1" one unifrom wear in the second semester will have their uniform retrieved by Lt Col Durnford for a period of 2 weeks and must earn the uniform wear privelege back by completeing the following items:

    Be on time for all classes every day!

    Meet and maintain the personal appearance standards as perscribed in the cadet guide

    Demonstrate a psoitive attitude towards WHS, AFJROTC and all your fellow students and cadets!

    Request Lt Col Durnford return of your uniform at the beginning of the second week after it was turned-in.

    Any further uniform wear or personal appearance violations will result in consideration for dismissal fromt he cadet corps program.


    If you have any questions feel free to contact Lt Col Duenford or MSgt Dean Temple at (303) 487 2460/62

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  • CSU Football Fund Raiser

    Posted by Dean Temple on 10/12/2015

    The AFJROTC at Westminster High School partners with Landmark Event Management to provide ticket taking, ushering, and other customer service support for all Colorado State University home football games.  

    This partnership is the primary fund raising opportunity for our Unit.  We strive to have 20- 25 student cadets (16 years old or older), parents, guardians, and other mature family members over the age of 18 available to work each game.


    If you are interested in supporting any of the games listed below please contact Lt Col Durnford or MSgt Temple (303) 487 2460.  There are two (2) forms which must be filled out and sent to Landmark seven (7) days prior to any event.


    Here is the schedule for the 2015 football season:

    5 Sept 2015 vs Savannah State 1:30 pm (meet at WHS at 09:30 am) DONE

    12 Sept 2015 vs Minnesota 1:30 pm (meet at WHS 09:30 am) DONE

    10 Oct 2015 vs Boise State 5:00 pm (meet at WHS 1:00 pm) DONE

    17 Oct 2015 vs Air Force 1:30 pm (meet at WHS at 09:30 am) STILL need people!!!

    31 Oct 2015 vs San Diego State 1:30 pm (meet at WHS at 09:30 am) STILL need people!!!

    14 Nov 2015 vs UNLV 5:00 pm (meet at WHS at 1:00 pm) STILL need people!!!

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