• CO-062 Drill 

    CO-062 Drill Team is looking forward to an outstanding drill season starting in October.

    If you are a cadet in good standing in the cadet corps you are eligible to participate on the drill team.  If interested please contact one of your cadre for more information.

    Drill Team members must meet all criteria found in the cadet guide to be eligible to participate in this activity.

    The team consists of the following drill disciplines:   

    Unarmed Regulation - Flight drill without arms (no drill rifles) - sequence set by Drill Meet Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), 

    Armed Regulation - Flight drill with arms (drill rifles) - sequence set by Drill Meet Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).  

    Inspection -  Flight stands inspections for dress, appearance and knowledge, 

    Color Guard - Four person color guard team drill sequence, 

    Unarmed Exhibition - Flight drill without arms (no drill rifles)  - sequence developed by CO-062,

    Armed Exhibition -  Flight drill with arms (drill rifles)  - sequence developed by CO-062

    Drill Team members practice are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 0530 hrs - 0645 hrs (before school) at the WHS gym

    Additonal practice time Wednesday 1300 hrs - 1430 Hrs at the WHS Gym (immediately after school)  
    Uniform shoes are required for all practices...no shoes no practice. 

    Contact your Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI) MSgt Dean Temple for more information (303) 487-2460.