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    D50 Insider

    Welcome back to this week’s edition of the D50 Insider.

    District 50’s new Board of Education is now in place and hard at work after being sworn in following November’s election. Their first night on the job provided some humor, but also recognition that there is a lot of work ahead for these Westy High graduates. Our Insider video has details.

    Speaking of hard work, all the District schools shared their goals and visions for the future at this year’s District Accountability and Advisory Committee Gallery Walk. We’ll tell you what that is all about.

    A Hidden Lake Counselor has a very personal connection to last month’s devastating typhoon in the Philippines. He is reaching out to his students for help.

    “Have a Heart” is also reaching out to our local community during the holiday season. We can tell you how you can help.

    Some of the District’s best students are competing at their local schools for a chance to move on to the District competition at the “Celebrating Academic Excellence” event. We will take you to Fairview Elementary’s Spelling Bee.

    The latest installment of the student produced TV program “Our Voice” focuses on two Westminster High School students and their artistic abilities.

    Mark your calendar for March 5. That is District 50 Nuggets Night at the Pepsi Center. We will tell you how to get tickets and take you to Colorado STEM Academy where two former Nuggets showed up to provide words of wisdom to young students.

    STEM education is also the focus of this week’s D50 TV In Focus programming.

    As always, check out the program listing for D50 TV this week, as well as the District's calendar of events.

    Thanks for reading.

    Steve Saunders
    Posted December 5, 2013