• Schools on Display in Annual Gallery Walk


    If you wanted to get a sense of what every school in District 50 is like, but didn’t have the time to make 20 separate stops the DAAC “Gallery Walk” was the next best thing.

    Members of the District Accountability Advisory Committee (DAAC) along with Board of Education members and the general public showed up at Westminster High School last month to view each school’s vision for the future. Every school set up its own display center that resembles something you might see at a science fair. Some schools used poster boards or computer screens, while others used projectors to display information.

    Stephanie Green, the parent of a first grader at Mesa Elementary and a child at the Early Childhood Center, liked what she saw. “It gives you a flavor for other schools and what they are doing,” she said. “Every school is a little different, just like every kid.

    The presentations focused on each school’s achievement goals for the future and what has been accomplished in the past.

    “The number of people who visit our gallery walk has increased every year,” said Jenni Gotto, Director of Assessment and Instructional Technology. “It’s been very successful.”

    Gotto says that the gallery walk has turned into an important event for the District, allowing principals, teachers and parents to share information about successes in individual schools. She also says the display that people saw in November will look much different in the spring. After last month’s showing, each school’s display was returned to the home building where it will be revised.

    “The idea is to create a living document that reflects the changes and adjustments that are made through the course of a school year,” she said.

    Posted December 5, 2013