• Hidden Lake Counselor Helping Typhoon Victims in the Philippines


    For Hidden Lake High School Counselor Kerry Golden, the typhoon that slammed into the Philippines last month, killing thousands, was personal. He’s now asking students and community members to step up and help by supporting a fundraising event later this month.

    “A humanitarian crisis is a humanitarian crisis, regardless of, by chance of fate, where you happen to reside,” Golden said.

    For 20 years, Golden has been a member of the Filipino-American Community of Colorado (FAAC). He joined the group after becoming close with a neighbor who emigrated from the Philippines. When Typhoon Haiyan decimated parts of the Philippines, it was for him, not some distant, foreign catastrophe, rather a personal loss.

    “I know many, many families whose relatives have been directly impacted by the disaster, either by deaths, injuries or loss of home and belongings, “ he said.

    Golden is no stranger to the Philippines, or for that matter, typhoons. He was in the Philippines in 2008 when Typhoon Frank made a direct hit on the Island. He had come to the region with Filipino children and was helping to build homes when the island was leveled. Frank killed more than a thousand people, but Typhoon Haiyan has caused even more devastation.

    At least 3,600 people are reported dead with thousands of others injured and missing. By one estimate, nearly two million people have been displaced. “It is important to provide forums for our kids that underscore their connection to others throughout the world,” said Golden.

    A fundraising event is scheduled for December 15 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Exdo Event Center at 1399 35th Street. Tickets are $25 for adults and $10 for those under 14.

    The event will include Filipino food from Denver’s Premier Filipino-American chefs, cultural performers and entertainment.

    District 50 community members who are interested can purchase tickets or donate directly to the cause at  https://sites.google.com/site/naffaa5

    All monies collected will directly benefit the people of the Philippines who have been most affected by this disaster via the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation and the Salvation Army of the Philippines.

    Posted December 5, 2013