• District 50 Recognized as Public Health ‘Hero of the Year’

    Health Award

    The Tri-County Health Department has selected District 50 as its Public Health Hero of the Year for the District’s on-going efforts to bring active wellness teams to every school in the District. The award was presented to School Wellness Coordinator, Emily Jacobs, during the December 10th Board of Education meeting.

    Joanne Holden from the Tri-County Health Department nominated the District for the award, citing the widespread participation of the District in health awareness issues. “It’s quite a feat,” she said. “We don’t have any other school district that has a wellness plan in every school.”

    She added, “You recognize that a healthy child will learn well.”

    Over the past two years the District has implemented an anti-smoking program along with the “Flat 14er” program, which encourages students to exercise and equates the calories burned with hiking a 14,000 foot mountain in Colorado.

    “We try to get staff, administrators, parents and community members to work together on these issues,” Jacobs said.

    The schools are now working with the Colorado Legacy Foundation on the “Healthy Schools Champions Score Card.”

    The reports will measure where the schools are strong in terms of health issues and where improvements can be made. The reports will be compiled to share best practices with educators statewide and offer recognition and monetary awards to schools that excel in keeping kids healthy.

    Posted December 19, 2013