• High School STEM Students Create, Give Innovative Gifts


    For the Holiday Season, students of Westminster High School’s STEM program designed and built wind-powered doll houses to give as gifts to deserving elementary level students.
    15 students from Fairview and F.M. Day received the specially created gifts that reflect both the ingenuity and the compassion of the Westminster High School students who worked on the gifts.

    STEM When it came time to decide which students to give the holiday gifts to, Fairview and FM Day Elementary selected students based on their outstanding effort inside the classroom, despite their adversity outside of it. “This provides a nice Christmas gift for some of these kids who might not get much else,” said Fairview Principal Michael Seefried.

    Led by Principles of Engineering instructor Jessica Messmer, the STEM students researched and budgeted for their wind powered projects before beginning construction. The houses were built with wood, while the windmills were designed on computer software and printed out of plastic in the school’s 3D printer.

    Messmer reached out to gather as many STEM related resources as possible to share with the students during their day at the high school. “With the help of the Principles of Biomedical teacher, Scott Troy, we were able to get the biomedical students involved in the visit as well,” said Messmer.

    The children’s eyes lit up when they finally met with the high school students. “I can’t wait to do this again when I am in high school” said Fairview first-grader Derel Baldessari after seeing the 3D printers in action.

    The young students were able to spend the day doing engineering and biomedical activities such as block building and learning about the respiratory system from the high school students before taking home their new toy-houses to enjoy for the holidays.

    Posted December 19, 2013