• State of District Report to be Delivered January 28


    Superintendent Pamela Swanson will deliver her third State of the District report to the District 50 Board of Education during the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 28.

    As she told board members this week, the speech will outline the District’s agenda for the coming year which, “will offer a lot of opportunities and challenges.” She told the board that 2014 will be a very busy year.

    As in most years, the budget will be a major issue.

    Colorado lawmakers reconvened earlier this month and many say that increased funding for education is a priority. An improving economy may make more money available for school districts, but the process is only now beginning. Governor John Hickenlooper is recommending an increase of more than $200 per student.

    Colorado voters overwhelming rejected Amendment 66 which would have raised almost $1 billion dollars in taxes and changed the way money was distributed to school districts. Districts with a high number of “at risk” students, like District 50, would have received more money if the amendment had passed. It’s not clear if lawmakers will take any steps to change the current formula.

    District 50 must also wrestle with the implications of the failed $5.25 million mill levy override in November. The mill levy would have raised money to offset the amount of dollars the District has used from reserve funds over the past several years.

    Swanson’s remarks will be shared with readers in the next issue of the Insider and will also be available on the Superintendent’s web page.

    Posted January 16, 2014