• Financial Services Department Receives Major Award

    Finance award

    Chief Financial Officer Sandi McClure and her finance team received one of the most important honors available for their work on the District 50 Budget. The Government Finance Officers Association awarded McClure the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award, which goes to select Financial Services Departments across the country.

    In order to receive the award a government organization has to meet nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation. The guidelines require that the budget serve multiple purposes:

    • a policy document
    • a financial plan
    • an operations guide
    • a communications device

    David Bell who chairs the District’s Financial Oversight Committee presented the award to McClure at this week’s Board of Education meeting. “This is a really big deal,” Bell said. “I can’t think of anybody who is more deserving of this.”

    Board President Ruben Pacheco who also served on the community agreed. “Sandi puts in long hours and helps everyone understand the budget,” he said. Pacheco added that McClure has guided the District through some difficult financial times involving cuts and hard choices. “Sandi always had answers for us, even when it was not what we wanted to hear,” he said.

    Posted January 16, 2014