• Broncos Trivia Contest


    Do you know your Broncos?

    With the help our very talented crew at Colorado STEM Academy we are hosting a Broncos trivia contest to give away three sets of Broncos Coasters created with CSA’s new laser engraver. The engraver is one piece of high-tech equipment students are using as part of their education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

    The contest coincides with the Broncos push to the Super Bowl. If the Broncos beat the New England Patriots on Sunday they will go to Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey on February 2.

    As you might remember, we had a trivia contest last year in which the first people to respond with correct answers were declared the winners. Because of the way District emails populate, we had some people correctly respond before others had even received the questions. To keep that from happening again we are running the contest as follows: The contest has ended.

    The three winners are:

    Kris Hassell
    Stacey Grisham
    Celeste Amarosa

    Here are the answers:

    1. Three Broncos numbers have been retired. Which ones are they and what is so unusual about one of them?
    7, 18, 44. 18 was taken out of retirement for Peyton Manning to wear

    2. Who scored the Broncos first touchdown in a Super Bowl?
    Rob Lytle in Super Bowl 12

    3. Who has scored the most points for Broncos in all Super Bowls combined? (Touchdowns, Field Goals, Extra Points)
    Elway with 24 points (This is the question that most people had trouble with)
    He ran for touchdowns in Super Bowls 21, 24, 32 and 33
    Terrell Davis had 18 points
    Jason Elam 17 points

    4. Most fans know that Terrell Davis scored three touchdowns in the Broncos first Super Bowl victory. Who scored two touchdowns in one Super Bowl game for Broncos?
    Howard Griffith in Super Bowl 33

    5. Who has the most receiving yards for Broncos in a single Super Bowl?
    Rod Smith, 152 yards Super Bowl 33

    6. Who did the Broncos beat to go to their first Super Bowl?

    7. Who did the Broncos beat to go to their most recent Super Bowl?

    8. The Broncos have played in 8 AFC Championship games and have lost just twice. Name one of the two teams to beat them?
    Bills and the Steelers

    9. Who did the Indianapolis Colts beat when Peyton Manning was named MVP in his previous Super Bowl win?
    Chicago Bears

    10. Who did Peyton Manning and the Colts lose to in his second Super Bowl appearance?

    Thanks for playing!

    Posted January 16, 2014