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    D50 Insider

    Welcome to 2014 and the first edition of the D50 Insider for this year.

    As you know, the first of the year brought a change to Colorado law that allows for the recreational use of marijuana for people over 21. District 50 is taking a very proactive approach to the issue by speaking directly with families about the legal and health implications of pot and teenagers. 9NEWS profiled the District’s efforts.

    Superintendent Pamela Swanson will deliver her State of the District report later this month. The budget is, of course, a big issue and we have a preview.

    The first week back was an exciting one for the Westminster High School boys and girls basketball teams. They played at the Pepsi Center and our cameras were there to capture the experience. It’s the subject of this week’s Insider video.

    Alvin Law was born without any arms and this week he shared his inspiring story with students who have a new perspective on what life and friendship is all about.

    Have a Heart” was honored by the Board of Education for their work to help the less fortunate over the holiday season, while Sandi McClure and the D50 financial team were honored for their work on the budget.

    The Broncos are one win away from heading to the Superbowl and District 50 is a sea of orange and blue. We have pictures and details about our Bronco Trivia Contest. You can play, for a chance to win Broncos Coasters created by Colorado STEM Academy.

    As always, check out the program listing for D50 TV this week, as well as the District's calendar of events.

    Thanks for reading.

    Steve Saunders
    Posted January 16, 2013