• Broncos Super Bowl Trivia Contest

    In anticipation of the Broncos Super Bowl game on Sunday, the D50 Insider is hosting another Broncos trivia contest.

    Colorado STEM Academy is giving away three sets of Broncos Coasters created with CSA’s new laser engraver. The engraver is one piece of high-tech equipment students are using as part of their education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

    Two weeks ago the Insider hosted a contest and the rules will be the same this time.

    The questions will not be quite as difficult as the prior contest, but you still need to know your stuff.

    Have fun!

    The contest is now over. Thank you to everyone that participated!

    We have three winners:
    Bernadette Moreno
    Jo Lynn Rife
    Darian Duran


    1. In Super Bowl 22 John Elway caught a 23-yard pass. Who threw the pass?
    Steve Sewell

    2. Who caught the touchdown pass during the famous 1987 Drive when the Broncos beat the Cleveland Browns on their way to Super Bowl 21?
    Mark Jackson

    3. The Ring of Fame was established in 1984 with 4 players inducted that first year. Name two of them?
    Floyd Little, Rich Jackson, Lionel Taylor, Austin "goose" Gonsoulin

    4. Every team the Broncos have played in the Super Bowl (not counting Seattle) have had multiple appearances and won at least one Super Bowl, except one. Name that team?
    Atlanta Falcons

    5. Sunday marks the Bronco’s 7th Super Bowl appearance. Two teams have appeared 8 times. Name one of them?
    Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys

    6. Four teams have never been to the Super Bowl… Name two of them?
    Detroit Lions and Houston Texans

    7. Who were the two teams in the first Super Bowl?
    Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs

    8. Who won that game?
    Green Bay

    9. Who made the most famous Super Bowl prediction ever and then backed it up?
    Joe Namath

    10. At one point the Broncos were 0-4 in Super Bowls. Three other teams have lost four games, name two of them.
    Vikings and Bills

    Posted January 30, 2014