• Video Examines D50’s Competency Based System

    When parents, students and educators ask, “what is a competency based education all about?” A part of the answer is, “roll the video.”

    The Colorado Legacy Foundation, in cooperation with District 50 and the Rose Community Foundation took their cameras into the classrooms of Sherrelwood Elementary last fall to show how a Competency Based System (CBS) works and why teachers and students are so enthusiastic about it. The seven minute video has just been completed.

    Superintendent Pamela Swanson shared the final product with the community during Tuesday night’s State of the District report. The video captures the essence of the CBS philosophy and how it is used in the classroom.

    Sherrelwood Principal Cindy Davis played a key role helping the film crew accurately tell the CBS story. Not only did she sit down for an interview, but she picked students and staff members who would help explain CBS in everyday language.

    Superintendent Swanson and Chief Education Officer Oliver Grenham offer an honest assessment of CBS explaining that it is hard work and is constantly being fine-tuned. Both leaders note that academic achievement is up in the District since the introduction of CBS.

    One of the most telling moments of the video comes from a student who says he likes CBS because it keeps him and his classmates, “accountable.”

    See the video below.

    Posted January 30, 2014