•  February 13th - D50 Insider

    D50 Insider

    Welcome back to this week’s edition of the D50 Insider.

    Dr. Pamela Swanson joined superintendents from across the state in asking Colorado lawmakers to restore lost funding to public education. The Insider has more on the letter and how it might impact District 50.

    Students, parents, teachers and staff all celebrated academic excellence last week during the annual event at Hodgkins Elementary School. We have a list of all the winners and highlights of the spelling bee competitions.

    A local radio station honored Sally Micek as a “Teacher of the Month.” We have details about the award and her reaction to it.

    The Broncos may not have won the Super Bowl, but that didn’t stop the team’s mascot from firing up a group of students at Ranum Middle School as they focused on healthy living.

    Westminster High School hosted a College Scholarship and Tuition Fair last week that shared important information with families about how to get scholarship or loans for continuing education beyond high school graduation.

    And speaking of graduation, Westminster High School has moved this year’s event to the First Bank Center in Broomfield.

    Mark your Calendar for Wednesday, May 21 at 6:00 p.m.

    As always, check out the program listing for D50 TV this week, as well as the District's calendar of events.

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    Steve Saunders
    Posted February 13, 2013