• District Undergoes Safety Training

    It was only simulated, but it served an important purpose.

    Gathered around a table at Hidden Lake High School, the District’s Incident Response Team handled a simulated hostage situation as if it was the real thing. Team members had to respond in real time to quickly changing circumstances and evaluate how successful they were.

    ”Hopefully we never need to employ the lessons we learned in this exercise, but without practice and drills, we would not be prepared to lead in the time of a real crisis,” said Superintendent Pam Swanson.

    An outside consultant set up a scenario in which employees had to communicate quickly and accurately with each other along with parents and the media. The drill required staff to examine old plans and adjust to unexpected changes. The team had no advance warning of what would happen in the drill and the kinds of actions that would be required.

    “This will help us to revise and update our practices,” said Swanson. “Security and student safety is a high priority.”

    The drill was part of an ongoing plan to update emergency response procedures to respond to outside threats and make the best use of available technology.

    Posted February 27, 2014