• Meet Teacher of the Year Teresa Martinez
    Martinez pic

    Teresa Martinez’s life has come full circle and she’s proud to tell everyone it is because of the education that she received in Adams County School District 50.

    A graduate of Westminster High School in 1979 (the old building), she is now a high school teacher and one of three Westminster Elks Teachers of the Year. The other two, Jessica Messmer and Neal Wolcott, will be profiled in future editions of the Insider.

    Teresa’s journey to the classroom began when she was serving as a Para-professional at an elementary school and a teacher told her she too would be effective in the classroom. She followed her dreams and her students are better because of it.

    Principal Mike Lynch nominated Teresa saying, “She believes all of her students can learn, and they continually rise to those expectations.”

    The video below takes you inside her classroom and explains her approach to teaching and how she makes a difference for all of her students.

    Posted April 3, 2014