• ‘Safety Contract’ is Available for Prom and Graduation Season

    With prom and graduation season about to get underway parents and students are being encouraged to enter into a contract with each other to help ensure that students remain safe.

    The written contract asks students to commit to avoiding risky behavior and asks parents to commit to providing a safe environment for their children and also agree to pick up their child if they are in an unsafe situation.

    The Westminster Area Community Awareness Action Team (C.A.A.T.) is mailing letters to the homes of Hidden Lake and Westminster High School juniors and seniors. A key portion of the letter reads as follows:

    “Underage drinking reaches a peak with our young people at this time of year. In addition to the obvious dangers of driving after drinking or riding with a drinking driver, many teens who drink alcohol also find themselves in situations involving other risky behaviors, including sexual activity, use of other drugs, and serious accidents resulting even in death.”

    The letter reminds parents that it is illegal for them to supply alcohol for an “at home” party that some parents might believe provides a safe environment for their children.

    The letter also addresses the marijuana issue in light of voter’s decision last November to legalize its use by adults. Parents and students are reminded that it is illegal for anyone under 21 to use, possess or distribute the drug.

    Westminster High School’s prom is next Friday, while Hidden Lake Students will celebrate prom on May 2nd. Both schools will hold graduation ceremonies in late May.

    Westminster High School is also taking a proactive approach to the “party season” by hosting a student assembly next week where students will be reminded how to have a fun, yet safe time.

    The letter and parent/student contract can be found:

    Letter in English | Letter in Spanish

    Contract in English | Contract in Spanish

    Posted April 3, 2014