• Bus Road-E-O Highlights Best Drivers

    Bus Road-E-O

    We all know that day-in and day-out all of our District 50 bus drivers keep our kids safe out on the road, but what you may not know is that they have a friendly competition to see who the best drivers are.

    On the last Saturday in April, eight District 50 drivers participated in the Annual Adam's County Invitational Bus Road-E-O at Prairie View High School. Three of the drivers competed in the road-e-o while five served as judges.

    The event measures the skills of these professionals in a variety of important ways.

    They begin the day with a written exam covering the rules and regulations of their job. It’s followed with a pre-trip inspection where drivers have five minutes to identify ten defects that the judges create on the test vehicles. The drivers then take to the road, or in this case the parking lot.

    The competition consisted of an obstacle course which includes backing, parallel parking, student loading/unloading, as well as right and left hand turns. Time and precision are measured to determine the winners.

    This year the traveling trophy went to Brighton 27J. In addition, the top drivers will participate at the State Bus Road-E-O in Pueblo on June 17th.

    For Karry Gertson, this year’s first place winner in District 50, the event is a perfect complement to his job. “I love my job working with the kids,” he said. “I enjoy the road-e-o because it is nice to work on improving your skills and meeting new people.” 

    Below are this year’s participants:

    Karry Gertson, 1st place winner within District 50
    Diana Briels, 2nd place winner within District 50
    Kevin Gratz, 3rd place winner within District 50

    Esther Valencia, Event Judge
    Christina Guzzo, Coordinator for District 50
    Dannie Hoffman, Event Judge
    Candi Baker, Event Judge
    Diana Grosz, Special Needs Event Judge

    Posted May 8, 2014