• D50’s Proud Graduates Receive Diplomas


    Years of hard work and a commitment to a better future paid off for more than 400 students this week as Westminster High School (WHS) and Hidden Lake High School (HLHS) students received their diplomas.

    WHS students graduated Wednesday night at the First Bank Center in Broomfield, while HLHS students walked the stage Thursday night at Ranum Middle School. Members of the Board of Education handed out the diplomas while congratulating each and every student.

    Westminster High School

    The 2014 class of WHS is the first group of students to have spent all four years as Westminster Wolves at the new high school. In all, 383 students received diplomas this week. It was a night full of laughter and nostalgia as students, Principal Michael Lynch and Superintendent Pam Swanson spoke to the audience of graduates and family members.

    This year’s valedictorian, Eva Spencer, reflected on what makes the class of 2014 so special:

    “I know lots of kids attending other schools who face bullying every day. I tell them stories about our school and they want to go here with our “cool teachers” and “unified student body”. It seems like a fairytale when they hear about how accepting we are of every student; regardless of wherever they come from and whatever they believe.”

    It was also an emotional night for Lynch who is serving his last year as WHS Principal:

    “It’s about moments. Not Tweets. Not snap-chats. The moments in time. You see, as you continue to experience life, all while setting your sights on big goals and aspirations- on careers and the attainment of things- like a house, a car, a Harley or a yacht, I’m here to tell you- it’s not about that, but the moments that bring you joy, that define who you are, that you remember years after they have happened.”

    You can see video highlights of all the speeches below, and the remarks in their entirety next week.

    Hidden Lake High School


    Because of its smaller class size, Hidden Lake’s graduation is always a much more intimate event. Many of the students had once given up on high school, but found a fresh start at Hidden Lake under the leadership of Principal James Steward who told the students he couldn’t be more proud of them. He told the crowd of one student who finished her course work hours before the ceremony.

                 Ruby Nunez was one of three graduates to speak at the event. She spoke for many of her classmates when she talked about life after Hidden Lake:

    “When I think of my future is always looks a bit fuzzy but I also know that it’s bright. I know that the road ahead of me will have twists and turns I didn’t prepare for, that things won’t always go the way I planned, but despite those bumps in path, it will be one worth traveling. I know that it will be difficult but I will always remember that anything worth having is something I have to work hard to achieve. “
    A slide show of the ceremony will be available soon and you can see all of the speeches in their entirety next week.

    Posted May 22, 2014