• Congressman Impressed with Colorado STEM Academy


    Last week, Congressman Ed Perlmutter paid a visit to Colorado STEM Academy (CSA) to learn what it takes to be a STEM student in District 50.

    This was Perlmutter’s first visit to the innovation school since it opened last fall. He said he wanted the opportunity to see what a STEM education is about firsthand.

    congressman perlmutterCSA Principal Anthony Matthews and Instructional Coach Brenda Martin were on hand to give Perlmutter a personal tour of the building. Matthews and Martin were able to demonstrate all that CSA has to offer from 3D printing to interactive portfolios and rocket construction. “The fundamentals that these students are learning by building, testing and analyzing results are what the leading engineers in these fields are also doing,” said Perlmutter.

    There was also some time to talk about how government works, something Perlmutter knows a thing or two about.

    Perlmutter asked students to propose two new bills in which the class would vote on. The first bill proposed that the driving age be lowered to 10; it failed even though it would have put these young kids behind the wheel sooner. Common sense prevailed.

    The second law proposed that ice cream sundaes be made available for free on Sundays. It goes without saying that the second bill received a unanimous vote in favor of the sweet idea.

    “This has been a real life experience the kids won’t soon forget,” said Martin.

    The congressman took time to visit the entire building from kitchen to classrooms, and said hello to the staff and students who filled them.

    “I am impressed with the passion in the students I’ve come across today,” said Perlmutter. “You can see that they love being here and learning.”

    To learn more about Colorado STEM Academy, visit their website at COSTEMAcademy.org

    Posted May 22, 2014