• A Night of Honors for WHS Seniors


    The Westminster High School Class of 2014 had plenty to celebrate during last week’s annual awards ceremony in the school auditorium. Students earned more than $1.6 million total in scholarships.

    In addition to the monetary awards, students were recognized for outstanding work in categories ranging from academics and art to athletics and theater. You can see the entire list of winners below.

    Principal Michael Lynch, who is leaving at the end of the year, congratulated the students for taking the time and making the effort to get the most out of their high school experience. “We used to call you students, now we have begun to treat you as adults,” he said.

    There were some emotional moments as well, as teachers shared their thoughts about the students they had become very close with over the students’ high school careers. Art Teacher Michelle Music’s voice cracked as she introduced John Mora, the recipient of the Outstanding Senior Award in Two Dimensional Art. She told the audience that, “John has used art to mold himself into a strong, passionate, kind, wise, thoughtful and spiritual young man.”

    You can watch the entire ceremony below.

    District 50 Educational Foundation Scholarship Presentation

    D50 Outstanding Student Scholarship Eva Spencer &
    Darian Martinez
    Pepsi Cola Promising Student Scholarship Anna La &
    Selena Stoian
    Hyland Hills Park and Recreation Summer Employee Scholarship Luis Acosta
    Paul Hustad Memorial Scholarship Jenna Treloar
    FRCC Concurrent Enrollment Scholarship Agustin Guerra III &
    Marisol Guerrero Lugo
    District 50 Leadership Team Scholarship Lisa Muff
    Leslie De La Torre Memorial Scholarship Vinh Lam
    First National Bank Business and Accounting Scholarship Emmanuel Madera &
    Ryan Belearde
    Iver C Ranum Memorial/
    Premier Members Credit Union/
    WRSEA Future Teacher Scholarship
    Jasmine Mitchell
    Nancy Heil Memorial Scholarship Rowan Seabolt
    District 50 Vo-Tech Scholarship Daniel Davidek
    District 50 Community Service Scholarship Veronica Amancio
    Engineering/ Computer Science Scholarship Jesus Torres Hernandez
    Don Rhoda Promising Student Scholarship Marisa Gallardo
    William Schaffner Memorial Scholarship Bill Lam
    District 50 Rescue Unit Scholarship Becky Luu
    District 50 Work Study Scholarship Marvin Enriquez
    Pepsi Cola Vo-Tech Scholarship Marisol Guerrero Lugo
    WRSEA Vo-Tech Amanda Alcorn
    WRSEA Academic Scholarship Maria Rodriguez

    Individual Scholarships/Awards

    Westminster 7:10 Rotary Club Scholarship Vinh Lam
    Daniels Fund Scholarship Long Doan
    Metro State Excel Pre-Collegiate Scholarship Vo Tram,
    Emmanuel Madera, &
    Oscar Holguin
    CHSAA Outstanding Student Scholarship Melissa Aguilar &
    Jose Torres Castillo
    Marines Scholastic Excellence Award Bill Lam &
    Anna La
    BBB Scholarship Michael Garcia,
    Janiea Ruscio, &
    Dennise Montanez
    Jinager Scholarship Victor Vasquez
    Marines Distinguished Athlete Award Joseph Palisoul &
    Melissa Aguilar
    Marines Semper Fidelis (Band) Award Joshua Garcia &
    Becky Luu
    United States Achievement Academy World Language Award Monica Trillo
    Stifel Fabric of Society Scholarship Marissa Gallardo
    Bootstrap Scholarship Foundation Zadok Ladegard
    University of Colorado - Black &
    Gold Scholarship
    Ryan Belearde
    Nebraska Wesleyan University Achievement Scholarship Ryan Belearde
    Vaughan Scholarship Ryan Belearde
    First National Bank Business & Accounting Scholarship Ryan Belearde
    University of Colorado Scholarship Jessica Carr
    University of Montana
    Leadership Achievement & Service Scholarship
    Jessica Carr
    Midland University Athletic Scholarship Angelo Armijo
    Savannah College of Art &
    Design Achievement Scholarship
    Jessica Carr
    Colorado Mesa University -
    Theater Design & Tech
    Daniel Davidek
    Mercy Hurst University—
    Egan Scholarship
    Adam Gonzales
    Mercy Hurst University -
    Presidential Scholarship
    Adam Gonzales
    Mercy Hurst University -
    Endowed Scholarship
    Adam Gonzales
    Mercy Hurst University -
    Music Scholarship
    Adam Gonzales
    University of Colorado Promise Scholarship Quynh Nguyen
    University of Colorado First Generation Scholarship Quynh Nguyen
    Imagine America Scholarship Alejandro Oronia
    Midland University Baseball Scholarship John Rule
    College Invest Early Achievers Scholarship Anna La
    University of Denver Dean Scholarship Anna La
    University of Colorado First Generation Scholarship Anna La
    University of Colorado Presidential Scholarship Anna La
    University of Colorado (Denver)
    Pre-Collegiate Scholarship
    Sabrina Lor
    University of Colorado Trustees Scholarship Darian Martinez
    Sarah Lawrence Presidential Scholarship Darian Martinez
    Colorado College Scholarship Darian Martinez
    University of Colorado (Denver)
    Pre-Collegiate Development
    Program Scholarship
    Jasmine Mitchell
    Savannah College of Art & Design
    Academic Honor Scholarship
    Susane Moua
    Savannah College of Art & Design
    Achievement Honors Scholarship
    Susane Moua
    Hoftra Presidential Scholarship Susane Moua
    Savannah College of Art & Design
    Honors Scholarship
    Brittany Schellin
    Savannah College of Art & Design
    Achievement Honors Scholarship
    Brittany Schellin
    Colorado State University (Pueblo)
    - Welcome to the Pack Scholarship
    Harmony Sherman
    United States Academic Achievement Scholarship Harmony Sherman
    Regis University Blue & Gold Scholarship JW (Garrett) Smith
    Midland University Athletic Scholarship JW (Garrett) Smith
    University of Colorado Provost Scholarship Eva Spencer
    Portland State & South Oregon
    University - Western
    Undergraduate Exchange
    Eva Spencer
    Stephens College Theater Program Scholarship Eva Spencer
    Kings College Presidential Scholarship Eva Spencer
    Urban Honors Laurel Scholarship Eva Spencer
    American Musical and
    Dramatic Arts Merit Scholarship
    Eva Spencer
    Theater Activity Scholarship Casper College Eva Spencer
    Santa Fe University of Art and
    Design Achievement Award
    Eva Spencer
    University of Nebraska -
    George Beadle Scholarship
    Jenna Treloar
    University of Nebraska
    (Lincoln) Honors Scholarship
    Jenna Treloar
    University of Oregon
    Summit Scholarship
    Jenna Treloar
    Iowa State University Award
    for Competitive Excellence
    Rowan Seabolt
    Iowa State University Initiative
    to Command Excellence Scholarship
    Rowan Seabolt
    Colorado State University
    Generations Scholarship
    Rowan Seabolt
    Colorado State University
    Honors Scholarship
    Rowan Seabolt
    Colorado Christian University
    First Generation/Ethnic
    Minority Scholarship
    Victor Vasquez

    Westminster High School Class of 2014
    Outstanding Senior Awards by Department

    LEAD Award Brittany Manzanares
    ELA Award Eva Ximena Franco
    Language Arts Carlos Barrientos
    Language Arts—AP Selena Stoian
    Language Arts—IB Darian Martinez
    Mathematics Sabrina Lor
    Physical Education Hirvin Paredes Rodriguez
    Chemistry Thu Truong
    Social Studies Joseph Palisoul
    World Languages - French Luz Ramirez Santiago
    World Languages - Spanish Zadok Ladegard
    World Languages - Fluent Speakers Spanish Valeria Presented by Teresa Escobedo
    Graphic Design &
    Interactive Media
    Jaqueline Moran Caballero

    Westminster High School
    Class of 2014 4th - Year PLTW - Engineering

    Esteban Dominguez
    Agustin Guerra III
    Joe Palisoul
    Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Salais Gonzalez
    JW (Garrett) Smith
    Jose Torres Castillo
    John Yang
    Darian Crider

    Westminster High School
    Class of 2014 4th - Year PLTW - BioMedical

    Diana Arroyo
    Cinthya Barba
    Janet Canul Diaz
    Gisselle Carrillo
    Karean Castro
    Carla Cigarroa Guerrero
    Pedro Contreras Hernandez
    Ailen Fernandez Gonzalez
    Jessica Fonseca
    Victoria Frias
    Nadya Gallegos
    Evelina Garcia
    Nicolas Guerrero
    Alfredo Gutierrez Mejia
    Yonathon Hinojos Ordonez
    Oscar Holguin
    Blanca Hurtado
    Jimmy Huynh
    Erika Inonan
    Janelle Jenkins
    AlexSandra Juarez-Aragon
    Sabrina Lor
    Brittany Manzanares
    Nicholas Martinez
    Guadalupe Medrano Perez
    Briggite Moncada
    Mayra Moreno Torres
    Lisa Muff
    Yomira Ortiz Vasquez
    Hirvin Paredes Rodriguez
    Amanda Rocha
    Yasil Sanchez
    Heavenly Sandoval Baltierra
    Dillon Santistevan
    Harmony Sherman
    Zachary Shoemake
    Oleg Strakh
    Alex Thao
    Jenna Treloar
    Karla Vidal Castro
    Brian Villalobos Rodriguez
    Vicky Vue

    Westminster High School
    Class of 2014 Honor Graduates

      Eva Spencer**
     Darian Martinez**
    Anna La**
    Selena Stoian**
    Rowan Seabolt**
    Susane Moua**
    Amanda Kieckhaefer
    Marissa Gallardo**
    Diana Salicido Alvarez**
    Bill Lam**
    Jose Torres Castillo
    Jenna Treloar**
    Becky Luu**
    Long Doan**
    Brittany Zimmerman**
    Brittany Schellin
    Priscilla Sajopha
    Sabrina Lor**
    Maria Rodriguez
    Thu Truong
    Quynh Nguyen
    Jessica Carr
    Stephanie Martin
    Luis Acosta
    Luz Ramirez Santiago
    Adilene Caraveo Hernandez**
    Erika Inonan**
    Oladys Ortega Trujillo**
    Enrique Paredes
    Johnathon Wemhoner
    Rebecca Maestas
    Victoria Smith
    Lisa Muff**
    David Alvarado-Chavez
    Carlos Barrientos
    Jasmine Mitchell
    Vinh Lam**
    Ricky Her
    Tram Vo
    Juan Martinez Ugalde
    Jaqueline Moran Caballero
    Madison Bell**
    Savannah Murray
    Rachel Smith
    Amanda Alcorn
    Nathaniel Huey
    Melissa Aguilar
    Joseph Palisoul**
    ** Members of the National Honors Society

    Westminster High School Class of 2014
    Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
    Graduates with Distinction

    Jose Aguilar
    Veronica Amancio Maciel
    Victoria Frias
    Brianna Gonzalez
    Jasleen Gonzalez Lopez
    Cesar Marquez
    Juan Martinez Ugalde
    Atta Mmorosa
    Brian Morales Robles
    Irma Rodriguez-Cruz
    Jesus Torres Hernandez

    Junior Awards Presentation

    CU Boulder Outstanding Colorado Student Calida Lieu


    Posted May 22, 2014