• District 50 Continues Strong, Steady Academic Growth


    The latest results for the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP) show Adams County School District 50 continuing to make academic gains with the implementation of its district-wide Competency Based System (CBS).

    Just released data from the Colorado Department of Education show that of the 24 assessments taken in the spring of 2014, District 50 students either improved or maintained scores in 19 categories; the highest percentage of any district in the metro area. (See table below)

    District 50 showed a slight decline in just 5 categories, the lowest number of any district.

    “The latest results are further evidence that our CBS model is the right approach to educating all of our children,” said Superintendent Dr. Pamela Swanson. “While comparisons with other districts help to illustrate a positive trend, we won’t be satisfied until all of our students are learning to their full potential.”

    The Colorado Department of Education won’t formally release individual school and district accreditation ratings until a later date, but early data indicate that no District 50 schools will be labeled “Turnaround” and only two schools will be classified as “Priority Improvement.” Those rankings are in stark contrast to the 2009-10 school year when seven schools were identified as “Turnaround” and six schools were in the “Priority “Improvement” category.

    “We now have enough data to definitively link our continuing improvement in student achievement with our Competency Based System,” said Dr. Oliver Grenham, Chief Education Officer for the District. “We still have a lot of work to do, but we are clearly on the right path.”

    District 50’s Competency Based System does away with social promotion, by moving students within learning levels only when they can show mastery of a topic. Children progress at an individualized pace that is determined by what they know instead of their age. District 50 implemented CBS in 2009 and is the largest school district in the country to implement CBS at all schools and all grade levels.

    During the last Board of Education meeting, members unanimously passed a resolution reaffirming their support of CBS.

    The table below shows how various school districts performed in Math, Reading and Writing in grades three through ten measuring percentage of students Proficient or Advanced:


    Posted August 21, 2014