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    D50 Insider

    Welcome to the Start of a New School Year and the D50 Insider!

    Students, parents and teachers came back to some exciting news from the Colorado Department of Education in regards to academic achievement. Once again, TCAP scores are up and D50 lead the way among all metro school districts in the percentage of students who either improved or held steady on the tests. Congratulations to everyone.

    Our cameras fanned out across the District Monday to capture the sights, sounds and emotions of the first day of school. We have plenty of pictures and a video for you to enjoy.

    This year’s “Welcome Back Rally” brought the entire District 50 family together for a morning to focus on accomplishments and the upcoming challenges for 2014-15. It was also an opportunity to honor the long time employees in the District and share an emotional video about one of our most important teachers ever.

    Speaking of teachers, there are about 80 new hires this year and they all got together for a welcoming breakfast in early August.

    The summer of 2014 was incredibly busy and productive for the maintenance and operations teams. Five new schools have air conditioning!

    The wonderful folks at “Have a Heart” are gearing up for another season of service. We will take a look at their efforts and a special community fair at Harris Park to help families in need.

    It was also a fun summer for the WHS Football whose members spent some time helping young kids learn the game.

    Your TWEET can make all the difference. The Insider will tell you about a campaign to raise money for the National Junior Tennis & Learning program in District 50. We are one of just ten programs across the nation competing for $10,000.

    And a reminder, the Second Annual Ranum/Westminster High School Alumni Golf Tournament is coming up soon. It kicks off Homecoming Weekend.

    As always, check out the entire program listing for D50 TV this week, as well as the District’s Calendar of Events.

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    Posted August 21, 2014