• CBS Symposium Focuses on District 50 Mission


    Before students headed back to school last month, District 50 educators spent some extra time in the classroom as part of the CBS Symposium held at Westminster High School on August 12.

    Instructional staff had their choice of two afternoon sessions covering more than 30 topics, many tied directly to District 50’s Competency Based System. The session facilitators were District 50 staff members who had been nominated by school principals.

    “We really wanted to reinvigorate and re-energize our CBS mission,” said Mat Aubuchon, Director of Early Childhood Education, who organized the afternoon event. “Participants loved the fact that they were learning from fellow teachers and utilizing our own expertise.”

    The symposium, which was planned throughout the summer, allowed teachers to focus on areas of their own interest and also pursue areas of professional development that they chose themselves.

    Aubuchon said the feedback on the event was very positive with 85% of participants saying in an online survey that the symposium met their needs. “I feel the instructors were well prepared and comfortable leading the classes. I would like to attend again next year,” wrote one participant.

    Aubuchon and other organizers are looking closely at responses to see how future symposiums can be improved and if there are opportunities to share more information over the course of the year.

    Non-instructional staff will be meeting with the leadership team on September 26 to focus on how they too can do the best job possible of educating children and working in and with the community.

    Posted September 4, 2014