• A ‘Cool’ Message of Thanks

    Students and teachers who returned to school this fall to discover air conditioning in their buildings quickly found a way to say thank you to the community. They made cards, created a video and even showed up at the Board of Education meeting to personally deliver a message.

    Over the course of the summer, the District used remaining dollars from the 2006 bond election to install heating, ventilation and cooling systems (HVAC) at Sherrelwood, Metz, Fairview, Mesa, and Sunset Ridge Elementary Schools.

    Teachers who showed up to speak to the Board of Education said the A.C. makes a dramatic difference.

    “We have noticed the students and the staff are more productive,” said Felicia Pabon, Kindergarten Teacher at Sunset Ridge Elementary. “We just wanted to say thank you.”

    Teacher Tanya Miller, from Sherrelwood Elementary delivered a similar message. “I love it and it makes a huge difference for our staff and our students,” she said. Miller, who has taught in the District since 1987, never with air conditioning in her buildings, brought along cards from her students. One showed a before and after drawing of a student unhappy in the heat and then with a smiling face because it was much cooler.

    Principals from the schools also brought thank you cards for the board to enjoy. According to Mesa Elementary Principal Janelle Stastny they all carried the same theme … “we are no longer sweaty,” she joked and then added, “The school will also smell nicer.”

    You can see a sampling of the cards below along with a video message from students at Metz Elementary.

    Posted September 4, 2014