• New Leaders at D50 Schools

    As the 2014-15 school year gets underway, you can expect to see some new faces in leadership positions along with some familiar faces in new places.


    Westminster High School – Last May we introduced Westminster High School’s new principal Kiffany Kiewiet. Prior to becoming principal, Kiffany served as an assistant principal at Westminster High and is very familiar with the school’s students and community. Joining Kiewiet are Assistant Principals Tyrone Cephers, Martin Pearson and Glenda Bates along with a new Dean of Students, Peter Rainey.

    Cephers comes to WHS from Denver Public Schools where he was an assistant principal as well as an athletics coordinator.

    Martin Pearson is new to District 50 and will be serving as Assistant Principal. Pearson taught for 5 years in Adams 12 before moving to Administration where he spent 7 more years. He was an Assistant Principal for Brighton R2J schools for 5 years before coming to District 50.

    Bates has a dual role at WHS serving as both Athletics Coordinator and Assistant Principal. Glenda has a degree in special education and taught for over 20 years including time in Adams 12 and St. Vrain before moving into administration and finally joining District 50.

    Peter Rainey, a new Dean of Students at Westminster High School comes to D50 with over 8 years’ experience as an educator, athletics coach and assistant director in private educational programs.

    Hodgkins Elementary – Amber Velasquez has served as an educator, Instructional Coach and a District Math Coach to the students of District 50 over the past 9 years. She has now taken the challenge of serving as Assistant Principal at Hodgkins Elementary. Velasquez is also a proud graduate of District 50.

    Colorado STEM Academy – Brian Kosena will be serving as the new Assistant Principal at Colorado STEM Academy. Brian worked in the District last year as the Instructional Technology and Gates Grant Coordinator. He also taught for six years at Regis Jesuit High School before joining the D50 team.

    Shaw Heights Middle School – Mike Carlson is heading Shaw Heights as the new principal. Carlson was an Assistant Principal at Westminster High School for the past few years and says he is excited to be leading Shaw.
    Lori Ulibarri will be at his side as Shaw’s Assistant Principal. Ulibarri has worked as an educator, Title 1 Reading Specialist, ESL Coach, assistant principal and principal in Denver Public and Jefferson County Schools for over 18 years before joining the D50 team.

    F.M. Day Elementary - Jennifer Rizzo Hamilton is taking the responsibility of leading F.M. Day as the new principal. Jen has been with D50 since 2003 and has served as an educator, Instructional Coach and Assistant Principal at Hodgkins Elementary prior to accepting her role as Principal.

    Fairview Elementary - Camile Carlson is the new Principal at Fairview Elementary. She taught for many years in Adams 12 School District before going into administration as an Assistant Principal prior to coming to Adams 50.

    Feel free to stop in to any of your local schools and introduce yourself.

    Posted September 4, 2014