• Unique Partnership Allows Teachers and Students to Learn at the Same Time

    Field trips to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science have special significance in District 50. Not only do the students spend the day learning, so do the teachers.

    Under a unique arrangement with the Morgridge Family Foundation, entire elementary schools essentially pack up for the day and move to the museum. While the students learn about dinosaurs and the human body, teachers spend their time in professional development, becoming better educators.

    While the Foundation covers the costs for transportation and other expenses, the program would not work without help from parent volunteers and chaperones.

    A couple of schools tried this arrangement last spring, but this year every elementary school is participating. District 50 hopes that the program can be expanded to the middle school level in the future.

    The Insider joined Sunset Ridge Elementary on its visit to the museum late last month. It’s the subject of this week’s Insider Video.

    Posted October 2, 2014