• Lt. Governor Encourages WHS Students to Pursue College Dreams


    Apply, Apply, Apply!

    That was the message from Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia on Wednesday as he met with Westminster High School seniors to kick off College Application Month in Colorado.

    “There is a college out there for everyone,” he told students. ”Whether it’s a community college or a four year university, it’s all about giving yourself options.”

    Garcia, who also serves as Executive Director of the Department of Higher Education is passionate about the need for all students to earn more than a high school diploma. He focused specifically on minority students who are underrepresented in higher education. “Colorado can’t be a successful state if more of you don’t go to college,” he said.

    Garcia earned a law degree from Harvard University, but told students that when he was young he was a mediocre student who didn’t know what he wanted to do. He said he never imagined that one day he would be President of a university (Colorado State University - Pueblo) and eventually the Lieutenant Governor. “Where you come from doesn’t limit or define you,” he added.

    “College in Colorado” sponsors College Application Month with the goal of providing every graduating high school senior with information about the application process. Organizers stress the importance of applying early to better a student’s chances for acceptance and scholarships.

    The program has four primary objectives:

    • To increase the number of Colorado Seniors who apply to college.
    • To encourage first generation and students who may not otherwise apply to college.
    • To provide useful timelines and information that prepares students in the application process.
    • To provide resources for schools to create a college-going culture.

    While Garcia acknowledged that some students graduate from college with too much debt, he said if students are well informed and take advantage of available programs, higher education is still very affordable and called college a, “good investment.”

    The College Application Month website includes a calendar detailing steps that high school students should be taking in October to ensure that they increase their chances for success after graduation.

    Posted October 2, 2014